Dark Horse has released a double statue of the Lovely Angels in polyresin, designed by Big Chief Studios, on 17 April 2002; each figure is 10" [25 cm.] tall


Here's another view of the Pair on their sculpted display base; below is a rear view and closeups of the Angels' faces


You can have a look at the prototype preparations and other views of the finished figures at Big Chief Studio's site

[The previous three images are from an eBay auction announcement.]



A set of 6" [15 cm.] high, fully-articulated action figures with accessories have finally appeared on 23 January 2003; they were designed by Steve Kiwus of Eightball Studios in Minneapolis; you can get a look at the prototypes here [Here's a recent review of the figures, along with a whole gallery of photos!]

Oh yeah, a little feature you should know about that ain't mentioned on the boxes: their thigh-bands are magnetic and really hold onto their guns!

Mr. Kiwus also does state governors who are former pro-wrestlers (collect them all!); I just realized that I live a few blocks away from the Studio...

...and the Lovely Angels! [clipped from the November 2002 Southeast (Mpls.) Angle]