Manga Books in the U.K., a division of Manga Entertainment, published Biohazards and Dangerous Acquaintances in this "manga book" format ( 5-3/4 x 8-1/4 inches [15 x 21 cm.] ) on high-quality paper; here are the book jacket and front cover for Biohazards, issued in September 1995 (ISBN 1-900097-04-4); the jacket art is by Wil Overton (I suspect he was not given Warren's comic for reference and was working from a verbal description of the character designs, so the result is a curious amalgam of comix and DP Flash details)


the book jacket and front cover for Dangerous Acquaintances, released in January 1996 (ISBN 1-900097-06-0); the jacket cover art is by Kevin Walker, based on one of Warren's comix covers for the series


"I survived the aftermath of the Nimkasi Catastrophe, thanks to my trusty Zippo lighter!"

an entry in Dark Horse's Zippo series, which came out on 22 August 2001


also from Dark Horse on 20 June 2001, this pair of shot glasses


four T-shirts, the two shown above and two featuring the same designs as the shot glasses, came out on 27 June 2001


Dark Horse released a 1/6-scale double statue of the Angels on 17 April 2002 and a set of 1/6-scale action figures on 9 October... [see the Warren-inspired section of "Go Figure!"]


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