Miyagi Kyoko

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Miyagi-san, who recorded under the name "Tonguu Kyouko", is best known for her work on Daatipea. She also had small roles in Black Magic M-66, Zeta Gundam, Magical Sally, and Transformers. She left the scene not long after recording for Conspiracy of Flight 005 and the books-on-cassette version of Daatipea no Daibouken in 1990-91. Miyagi-san has recently reappeared in voice acting, playing Izumi in Twins' Story (a CD-ROM interactive game from 1998); amusingly, the character Saki is voiced by Matsumoto Rica, so you get both Keis on the same disc. She has also done dubbing work for translations of BBC productions and other live-action stories for broadcast on Japanese television. You can find a listing for her at Aoni Productions in Japan, with a brief biographical sketch and a voice sample.