The fault is not ours, but in our stars...


The birthdates given to the Lovely Angels do not seem to have been chosen at random, but appear to be a part of the intended character design. Astrological analysis seems to reveal the personalities chosen for them.

This shouldn't be as crazy as it sounds. Methods of divination of the future are taken pretty seriously by many peoples of Eastern Asia (well, in most of the world, including here in the U.S., actually...) and even influence choices of things such as the naming of children. The Japanese are familiar with both Chinese and Greco-Babylonian (Western) astrology and many know both their Chinese and Western birth signs.

We'll look at both versions of the Angels, whose birthdates are given below. In proper astrological practice, we would also need to know the precise times and geographical locations of their births, but this would be useless here since none of them was even born on Earth. (This should really eliminate the usefulness of terrestrial astrology entirely, but bear with me...)

In Western astrology, a person's birth sign is determined by which of twelve zodaical constellations the Sun was seen in on that date, so this follows an annual cycle. (For reasons I won't get into here, the classical system, which most people follow, hasn't even been correct for about 2000 years...)

In Chinese astrology, the calendar chiefly follows the Moon, rather than the Sun; the new year starts on the day of the second new moon after the winter solstice. The years are named for the Chinese zodiacal constellations, following a twelve-year cycle. In addition, the years are identified by the five elements of Taoist philosophy (earth, metal, water, wood, fire) according to a ten-year cycle. There is thus a sixty-year master cycle, after which the designation of a particular year repeats.


* * *


27 November 2121


Sagittarius <Iteza - Archer constellation> (22 November - 21 December)

I've chosen to use the character design pictures from "Affair of Nolandia" because they show the Angels wearing the color appropriate to their birth signs; for Sagittarius, this is violet blue. (In Japanese astrology, the lucky color of people born between 23 September and 3 December is white, her standard anime uniform color.) The flower associated with the sign is the pink; this gets transposed to a red rose (Love) in the anime, which frequently serves as a symbol for Kei.

The glyph (or written symbol) for Sagittarius is an arrow, representing the archer Centaur. It carries a double meaning, as the arrow is both a weapon (quite appropriate for our subject) and a device for pointing the way to a goal or destination.

It is also somehow appropriate to this starfaring adventurer that Sagittarius is the constellation which contains the heart of our Galaxy (at least as seen from Earth).

Sagittarius is one of the signs which is represented by a hybrid creature: the Centaur symbolizes the conflict and tension between intellectual and spiritual (human) aspirations and physical and sensual (animal) desires; a person born under this sign must seek a balance among these. As it is a "fire sign", Sagittarius carries the heat and volatility of fire: these persons thus are energetic, physically and mentally active, athletic (female Sagittarians tend to branded as "tomboys"), restless, impassioned, and strongly desirous of personal freedom. As a result, they often have a love of travel and of learning (though this latter is not necessarily scholastic -- in fact, their penchant for intuitive and lateral thinking can cause problems with school routine). They also love nature, animals, and being outdoors.

They are usually extroverted and quite sociable, even combative and confrontational (one astrologer remarks that they may make other people's conflicts their own). They are seekers of Truth, sometimes at any cost, and can range from disarmingly honest to frank and open to crushingly blunt. They possess a strong sense of what is right and just and strive toward higher goals; on the negative side, they can also be quick to shift blame. They also love to take the lead, even when they're not quite sure where they're headed. Sagittarians have a reputation for being good with words and languages; they enjoy debate, banter, and repartee. They also have a philosophical bent and may develop an interest in metaphysics or exotic religions (the negative side of which is a tendency toward superstition). They are also believed to be granted the gift of prophecy, even clairvoyance, which is thought to be the source of Sagittarius' unusual good luck. In part, because of this, they are usually optimistic and willing to "put their faith in the gods" concerning the outcome of events. Thus, they are frequently inclined to take risks; Sagittarians are generally advised against gambling, though, as they tend to be bad at it. (Kei only wins the gambles that really matter...)

Sagittarius tends to be indulgent in its physical appetites and sensuality. In outward appearance, they are usually neither classically nor conventionally beautiful: Yuri is quite close to the classical [that is, aristocratic] Japanese ideal of physical beauty, while Kei has the wrong hair and skin color, is too tall, and too strong, brash and aggressive. But Sagittarians often have their own peculiar sources of attractiveness and a unique style that intrigues other people. One physical characteristic that marks them is a stray forelock that often drops over their brows. They have a reputation for marrying late in life, if at all, since they like to maintain their freedom: they're always afraid they might be missing something, or somebody, interesting somewhere else...

careers -- teacher, lecturer, philosopher, lawyer, veterinarian, explorer, priest or "servant of God", writer, publisher

In Personology, 24 November to 2 December is the Week of Independence: people born at this time are in many ways the most independent of all. They must feel free to act on their impulses and intuition and can be tremendously willful and stubborn. Fortunately, they also have a strong sense of fairness, ethics, and integrity, and are usually open to discussion. They can project an image of confidence and self-assurance, but are often deeply sensitive and insecure. They tend to have only a few intimates or confidantes in their lifetimes, to whom they will be fiercely loyal.

Famous first decan (i.e., first ten days of the sign) Sagittarians include François-Marie Arouet ("Voltaire"), Charles de Gaulle, Harpo Marx, Baruch Spinoza, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Andrew Carnegie, Carrie Nation, Norbert Weiner, William Blake, Friedrich Engels, C.S. Lewis, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Jonathan Swift, Abbie Hoffman, Woody Allen, Bette Midler, Maria Callas, and Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee (both born 27 November)


Snake <Mi or Hebi> (2001-2 --> 2121-2)

Snakes are associated with wisdom in Chinese folklore; as a consequence, Snake people are regarded as masters of the human psyche, both in terms of understanding and manipulation. They have a tendency to considerable physical beauty and can be hypnotically seductive; they also tend to be fond of sex and sensuality. They are quite capable of holding a grudge and, when they decide the time is right, will strike at enemies without warning. They are often secretive, have intense personalities, are easily angered, can be rather possessive of the relationships they cherish, and can succumb to bouts of self-pity. Snake people may have a reputation for laziness, but since they are constantly calculating and planning, they usually have already arrived at a solution to a problem or situation and will carry it out with optimal effort. After engaging in heavy physical or mental activity, they like to withdraw to enjoy relaxation in their own way. Money is important to a Snake, but is secondary to their desire for the best that life can offer. It is not unusual for them to have more than one career in their lifetimes (the Snake "shedding its skin").

careers (may pursue more than one) -- scientist, technologist, medical practitioner, researcher, analyst, painter, musician, investigator, psychologist, philosopher, magician

Yin Metal (silver) Snake -- Metal adds strength and resolve, but also self-centeredness, to the characteristics of a Chinese birth sign. Metal Snakes have enormous willpower, are fearful of failure, and hate to lose or even make mistakes. They have a gift for spotting openings and opportunities and possess a notable appreciation of and desire for luxury. It may be difficult for them to establish a reputation or to commit themselves to a single career. They may be open and generous to others as suits them, but they tend to act alone, following the dictates of their own instincts and intuition. Metal Snakes combine ambition with intelligent originality: others are warned that they are NOT persons to be underestimated. The Chinese name is "Snake Sleeping in Winter" <Hsin Szu>: their early careers may be unpredictable, but their wise handling of their finances can lead them to a prosperous future. Famous Metal Snakes include Fyodor Dostoevsky, James Joyce, Pablo Picasso, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (born at the boundary with Water Horse), and Muhammad Ali.

A Sagittarian Snake will be wise, morally upright, highly intuitive, perceptive, and seemingly clairvoyant. They are at their best when following their instincts. They will prefer a partner with whom a deep, spiritual relationship is possible, though sensuality is also very important to them. They are best suited for careers involving caring for others, dealing with people, and organizing and solving complicated human problems through their insight, gift for analysis, and eye for details.


18 March 2122


Pisces <Uoza - Fish constellation> (19 February - 20 March)

Again, I've selected the "Nolandia" character design picture here because it shows Yuri in light or sea green, the "birth color" associated with Pisces. (In Japanese astrology, the lucky color of people born between 3 and 20 March is yellow, her standard anime uniform color.) The flower is the water lily, appropriate to this "water sign"; this becomes a lily in the anime, all the more suitable as that is the meaning of "yuri" in Japanese (although a white rose [Innocence] is sometimes also used as her symbol).

The glyph for Pisces is a pair of fishes, one swimming upward toward the heavens, the other downward into the depths of the sea. As yet another hybrid, this symbolizes opposing forces, one drawing Pisces into spiritual, mystical, or fantastic realms, the other back toward the real world or even into the depths of introspection or self-absorption. A sane and successful Piscean must find a balance between these tendencies.

As the last of the twelve Western zodiacal signs, Pisces incorporates something of all the other birth signs. This means they can be a bit of almost anything. On one hand, this can make Pisceans natural actors and good at any number of things they may care to try. The "downside" is that this can make them vague about their own self-image and character, and thus a mystery to others as well. Pisces is regarded as the sign under which the individual human spirit is on the verge of merging with the Cosmos. Hence, Pisceans tend to be gentle and non-confrontational, highly sensitive to others and possessing great depths of feeling, self-sacrificing (even to the point of martyrdom), mystical, other-worldly, and dreamy. This internal nebulosity can make Pisceans quite impressionable and strongly influenced by those closest to them (which may bring out good -- and bad -- things in their own character). They may come to feel that they are personally protected by a force of Nature. The negative side of all this is that they can become detached from Reality, and, at their worst, deceitful or prankish.

Pisceans are often "in love with Love" and can become lost in romantic fantasy, even when a relationship isn't really working out. Even after one love affair sours, they may quickly leap right into another one. Their gentle nature and mysterious, almost oceanic depth of soul is often what attracts others to them -- but such people need to beware, for that ocean can be dangerous as well, because of Pisces' complexity and inscrutability.

careers -- actor, dancer, writer, poet, nurse, medical practitioner, magician, photographer, priest

In Personology, 11 to 18 March is the Week of Dancers and Dreamers: people born at this time are deeply philosophical and will often contemplate mysteries of Life and Cosmos. While they may be visionary in mind, they can also be business-like in deeds and can have considerable technical or scientific skills. They may appear practical, ordinary, even dull, yet may sometimes achieve things that seem miraculous or even paranormal; they may also exhibit clairvoyance or telepathy from an early age. They can sometimes be glib and seem like know-it-alls, which antagonizes other people. They tend to be adventurous wanderers without real roots, but also like to feel they are needed and making a difference in the world. Their desire to be needed can sometimes work against them, often getting them romantically involved with the wrong person.

Famous third decan Pisceans include Vaslav Nijinsky, Kemal Ataturk, Liza Minelli, Percival Lowell, Albert Einstein, Quincy Jones, Caroline Herschel, Rudolf Nureyev, Nat King Cole, Kurt Russell, Edgar Cayce (born 18 March), Sir Richard Burton, Glenn Close, Bruce Willis, Patrick McGoohan, Publius Ovidus Naso ("Ovid"), Henrik Ibsen, B.F. Skinner, Spike Lee, Holly Hunter, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Robert the Bruce.


Horse <Uma> (2002-3 --> 2122-3)

Why would a gentle, mystical Piscean involve herself in dangerous work in the material world? This didn't make a lot of sense to me, until I looked into Chinese astrology, which provides the other half of the story about our heroines.

Horse people are dexterous, energetic, and agile. They tend to be multi-talented and like to be appreciated for their many abilities; they are adaptable, resourceful, and can make the most of any circumstances. So Horses can be lively, spontaneous and freedom-loving, but (or, perhaps, therefore) also baffling, inconsistent, and mysterious. They also have a tendency to rebelliousness, which may diminish later in life. While they often have good business sense, they have little love of work involving boring routine. They are cheerful, witty, charming, and humorous (though that humor can sometimes take on a cruel edge). On the other hand, they can also show considerable fits of temper when thwarted in their desires. Horses usually have big physical or sensual appetites. They have a reputation for being inarticulate at expressing deep emotions. They are also frequently afraid of making commitments to personal relationships, for fear of losing their freedom.

careers -- language teacher, translator, athlete, information technologist, librarian, journalist, publicist, pilot, performer

Yang Water (black) Horse -- Water serves to "cool down" and moderate the wilder aspects of a Chinese birth sign. Water Horses are diplomatic in their interactions with others; they will also be calmer and less quick-tempered than the average Horse. They are lively and amenable company, but also retain an independent streak. They are colorful, fashionable dressers, but tend to be overly concerned for their own well-being, status, and comfort. They can be more indecisive than the other types of Horses, engendering confusion in everyone around them. Once having arrived at a choice, though, they expects others not to interfere in their personal affairs. The Chinese name is "Horse in the Army" <Jen Wu>, meaning that they may have to suppress their desire for independence at times in order to serve the needs of others. But their dedicated approach to their work will also provide them with financial security later. Famous Water Horses include Ulysses S. Grant, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (born on the boundary with Metal Snake), Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Harrison Ford, and Barbra Streisand.

For the Piscean Horse, the gentility and empathy of Pisces acts to moderate the high energy and erratic character of the Horse. They thus manage to be receptive to others, sympathetic, patient and willing to listen. They can also be extremely idealistic, romantic, and somewhat naive. Hence, they tend to prefer non-involvement with earthly affairs and are not comfortable in the business or professional world. Should they attain a high position, they will handle fame with dignity. They possess artistic and visionary inclinations. They may be drawn to pursue adventure, but often will only do so in their imaginations. There is some tension in their dealings with personal relationships: they can be attractive to the opposite sex, but fickle in love; while they value their independence, they also enjoy being looked after by others. Frederic Chopin, Mickey Spillane, and Patty Hearst are famous Piscean Horses.


1 January 2231


Capricorn <Yagiza - Mountain sheep constellation > (December 21 - January 19)

The glyph for Capricorn is another hybrid creature, the "goat-fish", symbolizing the opposing pulls of their aspirations of climbing to great heights and their tendency to settle back into the depth and security of the sea.

As people born under an "earth sign", Capricornians tend to be "grounded" in the physical world, making them practical and realistic, even "hard-nosed" about life, conservative and frugal. They are concerned with power -- sometimes personal power, but more often along the lines of control of the self and their environment. Their efforts are directed toward self-mastery: they measure their self-worth through their accomplishments and the development of their skills and abilities. While they may respect the concept of authority, they don't necessarily respond to traditional authority figures : they tend to obey what they choose to recognize as authority. They may show considerable ambition and single-minded dedication, being "self-starters" in their pursuits; planning and organization is also important to Capricornians, sometimes to an obsessive degree. They can become perfectionistic and impatient with those less in control or less hard-working. They have a reputation for being suspicious of others and their motives. They are also generally "closed-off" from others emotionally, yet are genuinely capable of humor (with an appreciation of irony and life's absurdities), compassion and love.

The planet Saturn is regarded as the "ruler" of Capricorn. It should be recalled that Saturn (Chronos) was the father of the later Greek pantheon headed by Jupiter (Zeus). Thus, Capricorn is associated with "father figures", rulers, power and authority: males and females born under this sign tend to strive for dominance. Also, Chronos is the ruler of Time (the Grim Reaper, with his hourglass and sickle, derives from this mythological figure). As a result, Capricornians tend to live somewhat "outside of time". They may be serious and prematurely "adult" children who grow to become more playful and still youthful-looking in old age.

It may be noted, however, that there are aspects of Kei-Flash's appearance and her "tomboy" traits that are more consistent with being a Sagittarian than a Capricornian (hold-overs from the Classic version).

K-F's birthdate of 1 January is regarded in eastern Asia as auspicious, a sign of her own personal good luck, or perhaps even good fortune for society in general.

careers -- civil servant, mathematician, politician, scientist, teacher, engineer, farmer, musician, builder, architect, administrator, security and law enforcement

In Personology, 26 December to 2 January is the Week of the Ruler: people born at this time are masters of organization and planning, making them good at running things and delegating responsibility. They are very dependable and willing to quietly accept responsibility themselves. However, they do like to be in charge and expect others to listen to them and to set to their designated tasks. They are not always good about accepting the advice or ideas of others, as they tend to believe their own way is best. Fortunately, they value honesty and justice as much as they do hard work and excellent results. While they tend to be emotionally repressed, they are also deeply sensitive and caring.

Famous second decan Capricornians include J. Edgar Hoover (also born 1 January), Paul Revere, Isaac Asimov, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Isaac Newton, Louis Braille, Zebulon Pike, Johannes Kepler, Heinrich Schliemann, Kahlil Gibran, Alan Watts, Bernadette of Lourdes, Elvis Presley, Stephen Hawking, David Bowie, Richard Nixon, and Simone de Beauvoir.


Horse (1990-1 --> 2230-1)

Please refer to the entry above on the Horse. The color associated with Horses is red, while Horse peoples' favorite color is flame orange.

Yang Metal (white) Horse -- See the remark under 'Snake' concerning the character of Metal. Here, Metal makes the Horse a very tough warrior and a powerful achiever. Metal Horses have great enthusiasm for any challenge and, once set loose, can be difficult to keep up with. They are optimistic and imaginative, so their methods are often unconventional and are carried out in their own idiosyncratic style, nevertheless generally managing to produce the required outcome. They will be even more independent, freedom-loving, and adventurous than average for Horses. (For what it's worth, the Tibetan name for this sign means "totally drunk".) Despite this, they can be willing to stop to listen to the opinions of others and to consider the consequences of their actions. The Chinese name is "Horse in the Hall" <Keng Wu>: just as a horse is out-of-place indoors, a Metal Horse is often in situations where they don't belong and making things harder for themselves than may be strictly necessary. They are physically resilient and recuperate easily from strain or injury. Fear of entrapment or confinement generally leads Metal Horse people to avoid commitment or stable relationships. Yet they are quite attractive to others and can be good and loyal friends, just as long as they feel sure that they can head off alone when the impulse seizes them. Famous Metal Horses include Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov ("Lenin"), Neil Armstrong, Clint Eastwood, and Sean Connery.

For a Capricornian Horse, the industrious character of Capricorn moderates the erratic nature of the Horse. They are ambitious and driven by the need to succeed; money and status are important to them. This tends to make them great achievers, with the potential to attain positions of enormous responsibility and prestige, though this may happen late in life. They can also be loyal and faithful friends. They tend to be drawn to service professions, as they are strongly socially conscious and humane. Alternatively, their seriousness, analytical approach to things, and their interest in the cosmic order may attractive them to scientific research. They are imaginative and creative, but also willing to work hard ("to be workhorses") and want to see results. They certainly like to be appreciated but will shun glamour and the spotlight. Despite their serious character (sometimes to the point of grimness), they also like to have fun at times; they will particularly value a partner who can lighten their spirits and make them laugh. Music is a grand passion to them. Isaac Newton (another tempermental redhead!) and Louis Pasteur were famous Capricornian Horses.


3 March 2231



Please refer to the entry above concerning Pisces.

It is worth pointing out that Yuri-Flash's birthday, 3 March, marks the Festival of the Dolls (Hinamatsuri), also known as "Girls' Day", in Japan, a time at which families traditionally express their hopes that their daughters will grow up to become good and proper women.

In Personology, 3 to 10 March is the Week of the Loner: people born at this time tend to retreat from life's complications to live in a world of their own; as a result, they may have few real friends. Someone of a more practical turn of mind will be needed to turn them back toward the real world. They are graceful and are great lovers of music and beauty; as a result, they are also prone to being drawn to those who are merely physically alluring in some way. Because they are generally honest, empathetic, and moral, they often believe that life is not merely to be enjoyed, but that they must somehow endure some degree of suffering for the sake of others. They may consequently expose them to at least one major trauma in their lifetimes.

Famous second decan Pisceans include Mikhail Gorbachev, Theodore Geisel ("Dr. Suess"), Kurt Weill, Antonio Vivaldi, Rosa Luxembourg, Michaelangelo Buonarotti, Cyrano de Bergerac, Garbriel García-Márquez, Valentina Tereshkova, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Piet Mondrian, Ornette Coleman, Maruice Ravel, Otto Hahn, Yuri Gagarin, Amerigo Vespucci, Raul Julia, Mickey Spillane, Harriet Tubman, and Alexander Graham Bell and Jackie Joyner-Kersee (both born 3 March).


Sheep / Goat / Ram <Hitsuji> (1991-2 --> 2231-2)

The color associated with the Sheep is yellow, the Chinese imperial color. The favorite colors of Sheep people are pink and purple.

Sheep people tend to be gentle esthetes, looking for beauty in all things, natural or human-made. Sheep are not fond of work of any sort and are not especially concerned about punctuality; left to themselves, they may retreat from challenges and withdraw into a dream world. Because they have a desire for comfort and luxury, though, they usually seek a partner for security and sustenance. Further, since they are not especially ambitious or assertive, they need someone who can act as a mentor to guide them through rough spots in life and to help them develop their considerable talents. Since they tend to be popular, finding such a person doesn't tend to be difficult. They often get what they're after without violence by pursuing devious methods. They love everything about Love in all its forms, spiritual and physical. They are deeply concerned about other people and will usually be at pains not to hurt their feelings. Yet under the calm exterior, their emotions can be unstable, turning them possessive, jealous, overprotective toward loved ones, or vengeful at times. Sheep often have some distinguishing physical characteristic which sets them apart from most other people (for Yuri-Flash, this could be her purple hair, but more likely it is her left-handedness).

careers -- architect, landscape artist, interior designer, illustrator, musician, actor, hairdresser

Yin Metal (silver) Sheep -- Please see the remark under 'Snake' concerning Metal. Metal Sheep retain gentility, but are also idealistic, opposed to injustices, and willing to fight for sufficiently important causes. They possess great faith in themselves and are quite aware of the value of their talents. Their love of art is strongest among all the types of Sheep. They may hide their sensitivity with a brave front, but they have vulnerable egos and are easily wounded by slights. Yet they are also forgiving and want to trust other people. This, together with their gentle nature, can leave them open to manipulation and deceit; however, their friends will often step in quickly to protect them. The Chinese name is "Prosperous Ram" <Hsin Wei>: these people do well in life, particularly because of their popularity and support from others. Famous Metal Sheep include Franz Liszt, James Dean, Tom Wolfe, and Leonard Nimoy.

Piscean Sheep combine in themselves Piscean sensitivity and Sheep creativity, which tends to produce great artists. As they are gentle and not especially confrontative, they attain their greatest achievements through the aid of a supportive partner. They are at their best in careers involving travel and creativity; they are also good at handling people. Michaelangelo Buonarotti, W.H. Auden, and George Washington were all famous Piscean Sheep.

* * *

Additional Notes:

The Western zodiac is sometimes viewed as a sequence of stages of spiritual evolution. Starting with Aries, the first four signs are considered "personal", involved with individual and interior psychic matters. The next four are "interpersonal" , dealing with ways in which the individual person interacts with human society. Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are regarded as "transpersonal" signs, the most evolved: these relate to aiding and developing humanity and connecting it with the cosmos.

In Chinese astrology, the Snake, Horse, and Sheep are known as "summer" signs: as is appropriate for the warmest time of year, these are the most vigorous and active of the twelve signs.

A very early form of astrology practiced in China is known as the "Emperor's Seasons". This involves a diagram of the Jade Emperor with the twelve signs placed at various parts of his body. The locations of the signs, which change at different portions of the year, carry particular interpretations:

Emperor's Head [KC and YC]: these persons have very strong personalities with intense personal happiness and good fortune; they are liked by those in prominent positions and can rapidly attain success; they must take care to treat their colleagues well and not to engage in deceit or treachery, lest their happiness abandon them; they are rarely poor and often live to a great age

Emperor's Hands [KF]: these people are very skilled with their hands from youth; they have the chance to become important and recognized artists; they are well-liked by those who know them and generally "stand out from the crowd"; they must take care not to overindulge in love affairs; if they can control their urges, they can attain the highest social status; women born under this sign generally love music

Enperor's Shoulders [YF]: people born under this sign may suffer a lot in their early years, but often can avoid danger and misery; in later life, the efforts of their youth pay off and they can enjoy great happiness and wealth; they tend to be good at any sort of work that involves making things; they are usually not very close to their parents and siblings

In Japanese astrology, called kigaku <the study of ki (life, mind, spirit)>, the five elements are associated with different parts of the year and have particular interpretations:

23 September to 3 December -- Metal (Righteousness) [KC]: people born at this time yearn for a peaceful life, tenderness, compassion, sympathy, and justice; the virtue of Metal is honesty; its associated emotion is sorrow

22 December to 2 March -- Water (Service) [KF]: people born at this time have great sympathy and compassion and tend to nurture others; the virtue of Water is wisdom; its associated emotion is fear

3 to 20 March and three other intervals -- Earth (Center, Environment) [YF, YC]: people born at these times like to be in the thick of things; they are steadfast and trustworthy guides to those who are lost and frightened; the virtue of Earth is faith; its associated emotion is compassion


Though not connected with the stars, people in Japan also read something of personalities from blood types:

Type A (KC and YC; both are Rh-positive as well): these people tend to neat and tidy and concern themselves with details and meticulous planning

Type B (KF): these people tend to be messier and impulsive; they don't tend to plan in advance and go their own way without worrying about what other people think

Type AB (YF): these people often have one face that they show to the world and another which they keep to themselves and those close to them; they can be full of internal contradictions, embodying much that is rational or emotional, open and compassionate or self-involved and aloof

If you'd like to know more about interpretations of blood types and those of many anime characters, visit the Anime Character Blood Type Database.


* * *

[the Angels are making their vacation preparations]

K: It would be horrible if the Chief called us now.

Y: Don't worry. My horoscope says that no one will disturb our vacation.

K: Lucky, lucky. That's OK then: I trust the stars.

[their communicator-earrings signal]

Y: It's the Chief.

K: I don't trust the stars.

(from Classic TV episode 21)


Partnerships and Names