This might have been one example of what Takachiho's editor had in mind...



Around 1975, mangaka "Monkey Punch" (Katou Kazuhiko) introduced two women, June (left) and Naomi (right), who work as a radio DJ team by day, and by night as... elite counter-terrorism agents! They go by the codename Shamu Neko <Siamese Cats> and had a brief spate of manga adventures eight years after Monkey Punch began publishing the series he is best and internationally known for -- Lupin III. Presently (July 2003), you can still catch a presentation of portions of Shamu Neko as an e-comic at his site.

During 2000, Monkey Punch supervised the animation of one of June and Naomi's stories as Shamu Neko: First Mission, which was released in theaters in the spring of 2001. A poster for the film is shown above. The seiyuu are Hayashibara Megumi (June) and Koyama Mami (Naomi).


The film was released on (region-2) DVD in Japan in February of 2002.


My thanks to Tomzer1 of AnimeStuff-R for bringing this series to my attention.