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As part of my personal (unasked-for) campaign to see that artists (in this case, voice artists or seiyuu) get their deserved recognition, I offer this page and its associated links. For the material that has been dubbed, the original Japanese seiyuu are to the left and the American voice actresses are to the right of the pictures of the characters they play.


Affair of Nolandia (1985), Dirty Pair ("Project E.D.E.N." - 1987), and Flight 005 Conspiracy (1990)

(English dubbed, 1992, 1994, and 1994, by Streamline Video)

Shimazu Saeko

Wendee Lee

"Tonguu Kyouko" (Miyagi Kyoko - 1987)

 Lara Cody*

*I have not been able to turn up any photos of Lara Cody (alternately given in some places as Laura Cody) so far. She has dubbed for a number of anime, including 3x3 Eyes, Gatchaman II, Robotech, My Neighbor Totoro, Vampire Hunter D (2000), and Dog of Flanders and has been increasingly active since 2001. She has also had small parts in a number of movies, including This is Spinal Tap.



The OVA series of ten episodes (1987-8)

(English dubbed, 1999, by ADVision)

Shimazu Saeko

Jessica Calvello

"Tonguu Kyouko" (Miyagi Kyoko - c. 1987)


Pam Lauer



Affair of Nolandia (1985), Dirty Pair ("Project E.D.E.N." - 1987), and Flight 005 Conspiracy (1990)

(English dubbed, 2003, by ADVision)

Shimazu Saeko

Allison Sumrall

"Tonguu Kyouko" (Miyagi Kyoko - 1987)

Pam Lauer



Dirty Pair Flash - 16 episodes (1994-6)

(English dubbed, 1998, by ADVision)

Kouda Mariko

Kim Sevier

Matsumoto Rica

Sue Ulu



Dirty Pair Flash - audio recordings

Tenshi no Kyuusoku (1994), three Stereo Dramas (1996)


Hisakawa Aya
(as Chief Maya)

Matsumoto Rica

Kouda Mariko



Lovely Angel: Yuri & Kei - radio series

from FM Osaka, broadcast and Internet (2006-7)


Horie Yui


Minagawa Junko


Links (updated 15 February 2007)

If you are interested in Japanese seiyuu in general, Hitoshi Doi is definitely the fellow to see for a huge databank on them [Note: owing to the sheer size of this task, some types of information are much more up-to-date than others]

Ryuu's Seiyuu Info is another site with material on Japanese anime voice artists, particularly from the 1990s on (and is somewhat more current on many of them)

Here's a Japanese page listing the Internet "radio" shows hosted by anime seiyuu

There are substantial listings for American (and some Japanese) anime voice artists at The Voice Actors Page, The Voice Works, and Keyframe


Another database for anime dubbing actors is at Crystal Acids (the artwork here is by Alex Villagracia)


Here are some sites worth looking at if you're generally interested in American voice actors:

Daniel F.'s Cartoon Casts list for various American animated shows

Leonard Tai's English Voice Talent Database for anime dubbing

There is also a Yahoo! Group devoted to Voice Actor Appreciation.


photo of Pam and Jessica at SakuraCon 2002 by Duodenum


The photos of the American voice actresses came from AD Vision or other sites found on Web searches; photos of "Tongou Kyouko" and Shimazu Saeko are from Hitoshi Doi's site or other sites, the Daatipea Cinema Book and the Daatipea program book; pictures of Kouda Mariko and Matsumoto Rica are from DP Flash CD singles or album booklets; the photo of Hisakawa Aya is from Hitoshi Doi's site; the artwork by Gunboy for the Lovely Angel radio series is from the FM Osaka site

DP artwork is from the Daatipea no Daikessan LD covers, the Dirty Pair Flash Artbook, and the album artwork for Dirty Pair Flash Stereo Drama 3