Posters for the novels


Promotional poster for the first novel, Great Adventures of the Dirty Pair


Promotional poster for the second novel, Great Return of the Dirty Pair or The Dirty Pair Strike Again

This image appeared on a Web site where a large anime collection was being sold off; the poster was recorded with a digital camera and you can see the reflection of the photo-flash on it


If you'd dropped by your favorite shoten <book store> back in 1980, you might have seen this announcement banner for the publication of Daatipea no Daibouken (Great Adventures); this particular copy has been autographed by both Takachiho Haruka (at middle left) and Yasuhiko Yoshikazu (just below center)


If you stopped by again five years later, you might then have spotted this poster for the release of Daatipea no Daigyakuten (Great Return)


...or maybe it was this chirashi <handbill> you saw?


a poster based on one of Yasuhiko's paintings for SF Magajin

[thanks to Wim von Vollenhoven]


And there's other stuff, too...