It's your Dream Car!


Well, all right, it's a truck... Imagine seeing this parked in your driveway each morning!

[photographed at Anime Weekend Atlanta 5 by Shin; I love the soft-focus on this pic]



The truck belongs to David Buttram; it is decorated with color-printed decals made on his computer set-up. [the above three photos are provided by David]



This vehicle belongs to Zen no Itansha, author of (and/or character in) a number of fan fiction stories, as well as being Trouble Consultant 234-Z, Apprentice to the Lovely Angels. [photos provided by Zen]


Here's TroCon Stephen Schultheis of Goleta, California (CA license WWWA) [from Animerica, 7, #6 (July 1999)]


Say, if you're out on a mission, you'll need one of these displayed inside the windshield, so everyone knows it's OK when they find your car parked inside what's left of a building lobby... [these were offered as some sort of give-away several years back; I don't know the exact details]