I trawl the Web pretty heavily and have turned up a lot of interesting links on all sorts of DP-related matters. Many of them are on the other pages; here are the ones that are more general, sorted by categories when that's possible. [updated 28 March 2007]

Looking for the cosplay links? They now have their own section!


General Info [updated 28 March 2007]

There are two general information pages that have appeared recently: one at Wikipedia (natch...) and at Japan Hero

The Internet anime magazine, EX, ran a five-"page" article back in 1998 about Takachiho Haruka and the Dirty Pair , in anticipation of the American release of DP Flash; it's worthwhile reading for fans and merely interested folks {Note: while EX has ceased further updates, they still appear to be maintaining their archive]

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan ( SFWJ ) have pages with biographical sketches and lists of works by their members; there's one for Takachiho Haruka and one for Yasuhiko Yoshikazu; I've hooked up to the ones in English -- if you want also to see the ones in Japanese, you can click on the language button when you get there (the two versions are NOT identical in content)

If you can read German, there is also a five-page 1996 interview with Takachiho at Koquranomicon in Japan, featured in the January 1999 issue of Neo-A.M.I., the on-line revival of the German 'zine A.M.I. (Anime-Manga-Information) [Note: site "under re-construction" -- gone?]

Duncan Law-Green's (ryouko) site also has an assortment of DP material, but has not been augmented significantly since the end of 1997 (the main site itself had a major re-design early in 2003): this was one of my main inspirations for this site

A short history of the Pair, along with some pix, can be found at Bryan's Anime

Norbert ("Nobby") Weyers in Germany maintains The Dirty Pair's 1/2 World, which will carry material on both Classic and Flash and some comix items; some of the text is in German, but most of it is in English as well [Note: the site has not been updated since 2001]

A site with a number of fan-translation scripts, timed or not, for all of Classic DP and the first two 'Missions' of DPF is provided by Wave Digital

I could hardly discuss the Angels' anime without mentioning Sunrise Productions, who gave us both the Classic and Flash versions; their site is, of course, in Japanese, but is definitely worth a look-around; there is also an English-language site

I also want to be sure to thank Kevin Lilliard for the vast service he renders to all anime fans through his Website, A Fan's View

In Memoriam

The "harper" site at Colorado State University (one of my other inspirations) contained a good variety of information in various media on the Pair and was widely referred to on the Web. It was removed early in July of 1999 (possibly by some sys-admin) after a year-and-a-half of inactivity; we mourn its demise

The "ratinox" site, which was a major DP information source in the mid-'90s (and was shut down by its owner over an infringement problem by another party) has vanished from the Web in 2001; I only saw a copy of its contents back in February of '99 and its loss is indeed lamentable...

The "koros" site stood for some time as a good place for general information; it disappeared from the scene sometime in June of '99

Jeff Bailey's huge anime site at Kent State was closed in February 2003; you can the story concerning that here


Image Galleries [checked 27 March 2007]

There are many, many DP galleries: I've chosen the larger ones or those that has something unique in or about them; if you feel yours has been unfairly omitted, feel free to contact me... (All of these contain more than one version of the Angels: specialized galleries are linked from the appropriate DP version's "room" on the Main Index)

The Swedish University Network site seems to be the parent of a great many later DP galleries, to judge by the names and dates on the files; this one goes back to 1988 and was last updated in '95 (so that many Flash images are identified as "NewDP")

A major source of interest for fans of female anime characters is the CG Shrines site; among its features, you can select galleries sorted by character, so there are separate sections for Yuri and for Kei, with professional, doujinshi, and fan artwork from or based on Classic, Flash, the comix and the novels (the novel illustrations in fact came from "Tea Time", but are listed as "Manga")

Adam Burge's (Grey's) gallery displays "thumbnails" linking to images available from Classic, Flash and the comix

Kei'n'YuriCon 2000 mostly contains images from the comix, but has a variety of material from the anime versions as well (a bit of it is "not suitable for family viewing") [Note: site not updated since 2001]

It's the Girls with Guns in Cinema and Television site, so count on the Di-- er, Lovely Angels to be there! There are several pages of screencaps from Affair of Nolandia, Project E.D.E.N., Flight 005 Conspiracy, and DPF 1 and 2

Here's a related site that started in January 2007 (this one found me when it turned up in my site stats): Girls With Guns. org; the DP page is here

"Big Chowder Head" hosts (if that is the proper word) Mughi's Litterbox, which offers DP material, "Monthly Matinees" of screen captures from selected Classic and Flash episodes, and some fanart [Note: site last updated in 2004]


Fanfic [updated 28 March 2007]

The major FTP repository for Dirty Pair fan fiction holds stories going back to the start of such Internet activity in 1991 which have entered the archive of the rec.arts.anime.creative newsgroup; the last update was made on 28 February 2005 [Note: accessing this site will open the entire set of all the files preserved in this archive; one of the folders holds all the DP stories] Further information on this resources can be found here

Mike Paff is currently maintaining the detailed guide to DP fanfic on the Web, created and periodically updated by Craig Wigda; this is a directory of stories that were written through the 1990s to 2000

Another source of some recent and current DP fanfic can be found at the appropriate section of fanfiction.net

Ryan Mathews is generally acknowledged as the person who began DP fanfic on the Internet in 1991, with his novella, "Big Bang"; he went on to write several other stories about the Angels (many of which has become "classics"), as well as many about other series and about original characters; all of these can be found at his site; he is also Anime Personality of the Week for 3 December 2000 at A Fan's View


Probably one of the more -- um, unusual fictional efforts on the Web is the massive, multi-author collection of interconnected stories known as Undocumented Features: what began life as a goofy little story about what would happen if a software glitch managed to conjure up the Dirty Pair at mid-1990s Worcester (Mass.) Polytechnic Institute (there, I said it: the location isn't that much of a secret) burgeoned into an on-going, pangalactic saga spanning at least five centuries and including a staggering number of fictional and anime crossovers and shameless inclusions of the authors and their friends; be prepared to set aside a month to read through all of it (*gasp* this paragraph is getting a bit epic itself...)

A (largely complete) guide to the numerous stories in the UF collection is available here!

This is the series that introduced the names 'Kei Morgan' and 'Yuri Daniels'; since these have insinuated themselves somewhat into American DP fandom, I thought I'd include a little map of the central and residential sections of the WPI campus:

Morgan Hall is outlined in red, Daniels Hall in blue; the ill-fated dining hall lies between them


Pearson ("Strange Medium Guy with a Bad Haircut") Mui, one of the many co-authors of Undocumented Features, also produces his own Anime Detective series (think "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", but it's anime...): Andrew Mays and his team investigate baffling mysteries among the Animates; the Lovely Angels turn up in "Convention Chaos" and a few of the other stories

Sean Gaffney has now completed two novella-length works, "I Am One" and "Won't Get Fooled Again"; both are set in a mixed DP universe, featuring aspects of the novels, Classic anime and comix versions; the latter also includes a few crossovers from other anime series and Robert A. Heinlein's Lazarus Long books

Chris Davies' Together Again is another sizeable work (in screenplay format!), set in two periods bracketing the Third Millenium AD and blending together a surprising number of anime series; just how d'ya get the Dirty Pair, Bubblegum Crisis, Oh! My Goddess, Sailor Moon, EVA, and the rest together in 2937? -- guess you'll hafta read it, won'cha... ; comes with a whopping chunk o' supplementary material

Fred Herriot has written a number of DP stories, which include "The Trans-Galactic Case" and "A Question of Ethics"

In case this hasn't gotten strange enough for you yet, there are stories with even more oblique DP appearances, such as The Revenge Wars (start here here or here) or Zen's Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K)-style fanfic reviews co-starring the Lovely Angels.

For those of you of a literary bent (yes, I think the word 'bent' is awfully well-chosen here), there is Jeremy Gross' parody, from 1994, of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" (the Angels might get him for this, if the ghost of the Bard of Baltimore doesn't first...)

Jed Bidwell has a DP/Predator crossover fanfic, "Preying Angels". [Thanks to Aivars Liepa, a DP fanfic aficionado in Latvia, for bringing this site to my attention.]

Jeff Hosmer has a completed story, "Guardian Angels", at his Rogues' Gallery, which ties into the Revenge Wars mentioned above; a second, "Fallen Angels" is in progress.

Many of the fanfics from the FTP repository and some of the other sites listed above, as well as some stories which are otherwise no longer on-line, such as Nicholas Stone's DP/Aliens crossover fic, "An Alien Encounter", are currently available at "igarashi's" site

Robert Schroeck has a cute "teaser" for a prospective story in which the Lovely Angels go back in time to work with two detectives whom some have called their 20th Century counterparts: Riggs and Murtaugh of the L.A.P.D.

Here's an unexpected crossover: "Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot" brings DP together with Iria: Zeiram (folks familiar with that story will already guess the point of contact), as conceived by D.B. Sommer (it's about two-thirds of the way down the page); this story is complete in 13 chapters and is also available at the Lost Library of Florestica; it is also available at fanfiction.net (complete - under Anime, "Iria: Zeiram the Animation"), and fanworks.org (first six chapters) [thanks once more to Aivars Liepa for alerting me to this story]

In "Double Vision" by Capt. Exposition, the Angels show some new colleagues the ropes (the first four chapters are here; the completed story is not currently on-line)

John-Martin Lotz has the prologue and first chapter of a DP/BCG crossover fic, "Bubblegum Angels", at the Lost Library of Florestica

John Biles' unfinished "Random Elements" can be found here

Mikhail Borg (Michael O'Brien) has written a number of "Multiverse" stories, centering on Star Trek: TNG with crossovers to other times and series; "Pleasure" is the story which makes contact with the Lovely Angels

DP Flash is also inspiring authorial fans of late: Mitsukai has, among many other stories, the first four chapters of a work in progress, "Digital River", which melds the DP Flash and the comix "universes" [Note: discrepancies from familiar series histories are part of the story, the author tells me, for reasons which will become clear later]; this story is also available at fanworks.org

A number of extreme DP fanfics can be found at Megalomaniac Urashima's site

Steve Gilham's "Distributed Memory" site includes a DP fanfic page with a number of stories based in the comix version (particularly referring to Fatal: But Not Serious), but drawing on much else from the canon


Fun 'n' Games [checked 27 March 2007]

It was probably inevitable, when fan-subbing was getting underway, that some people would decide to have some fun with the scripting. At the end of the '80s, two groups thought it would be amusing to dub their own storylines to some of the DP episodes. (From what I've heard, they were right...)

Sherbert Productions altered the first two OAV episodes to give the world "Dirty Pair: The Arrest of Mr. Macek" (1989) and "Dirty Pair Does Disneyland" (1991); recently, they produced a special Tenth Anniversary Edition of "Arrest" for presentation at last summer's Project A-Kon. [site not responding 3/27 -- gone?]

Around that same time, Pinesalad Productions released "The Dirty Pair Does Dishes", "The Revenge of B.D.", "A Fist Full of Pasta", and "Viva la Dirty Pair"; they do not have a Web site and I have been attempting to track down contact information for some time now...

Another group involved in fan-overdubbing parodies more recently is Just Another Good (JAG) Picture Productions, who have taken on the Pair

Many of you probably already know that Famicom in Japan produced a DP videogame back in 1987 (some information about it is here on the Classic "Odds and Ends" page in the Hall of Curiosities); Chris Collette's site offers a description of the game's features; he also has an emulation of the game running and has gotten it translated into English, so you can stop in and try it out (I'm told it's tough!) [Note: the files for the game manual are "zipped"]

I've come across pages that indicate that some folks like having the Angels in role-playing games (RPGs) as either player or non-player characters. One site that I've found gives a Rifts RPG "character conversion" for the Pair as non-player characters.



Figure Models Land is a vast multi-armed gallery of commercial model and garage kits, mostly of anime characters. You can have a look at the DP Classic and Flash figurines at this site.


The Dirty Pair "Community"

The Lovely Angels Mailing List, which has been operating since 1994, carries somewhere around 300 members presently (the number moves up and down depending on the availability of new DP things to talk about); it is somewhere between a news announcement and discussion group, so bursts of activity are punctuated by quiet stretches; as it is a Mailman e-mail style system, one must subscribe to it -- the instructions for doing so are clearly laid out; there is also an archive of all past messages, much of which is worthwhile reading

There is aYahoo! Group devoted to all versions of DP, which is moderately active (I am a Founder there, though not the original founder); it is a glorified bulletin board, with membership lists, links pages, events calendars, and photo galleries(!) [Note: you must have already joined Yahoo! first in order to join one of its Groups]


Mutual Links

Mughi3's site -- elves, starships, Gundam, rock bands...