What are they singing about?


I'm going out on a limb here by presuming to translate songs, using my pitiful night-school Japanese. This will be an ongoing project to post song lyrics from both Classic and Flash and to translate them into English. I'll be starting with ones not already up somewhere on the Web and will work on those; since most of the songs do not seem to have ever been translated, I'll eventually include the more familiar songs as well.

At this stage of my Nihongo acquisition, I'd say these translations are about three-quarters reliable (maybe that's generous). The least trustworthy renderings are some of the names of the artists; I am informed that a lot of the kanji for names even give the Japanese themselves trouble. I have more confidence in the Japanese lyrics; those have been checked against the recorded performances. By all means, if you have any comments about or criticisms of my translations, please e-mail me.


Lyrics in red are those heard in the "video size" versions of the songs. The portions of my translations that I'm most dubious of are marked in purple. Words in katakana are shown in italics; words in romaji (given in English) are shown in boldface.


Wim von Vollenhoven has an extensive collection of MP3 files from the Classic DP soundtrack albums in his "CD Guide" section (availability subject to bandwidth limitations)


 from the TV series
 from Affair of Nolandia
 from Project E.D.E.N.
 from the OAV series
 from Flight 005 Conspiracy
 from 'Mission 1'
 from 'Mission 2'
 from 'Mission 3'
 from Tenshi no Kyuusoku
 from the Stereo Dramas