With the precedent set for altering the ship's design from its original description, it seems as if license were granted to change the "Lovely Angel" with each return appearance. So it was that there was a white-and-red version for Affair of Nolandia (1985).


this and all of the subsequent Classic versions of the "Lovely Angel" take off and land on runways


An all-white "Angel", complete with "spoiler" fin, is seen briefly in the feature film, Daatipea ["Project E.D.E.N."] (1987); the design, as for all of the mecha in the movie, is by Miyatake Kazutaka.


One of this "Angel"'s special features is its separately deployable pod-craft, one for each of its crew, decorated with appropriate caricatures.

So there's one for Yuri, one for Mughi... We don't get to see Kei's pod in the story, but Dokite Tsukasa had indeed designed the emblem for it; I have provided a rendition of the vehicle here.




The nine-laserdisc boxed set, Daatipea no Daikessan <Big Settlement of the Dirty Pair>, includes a painting of the OVA-style "Lovely Angel" (1987-88), at last back to being red again... (above) The "Angel"'s appearance in Conspiracy of Flight 005 (1990) is pretty much on the same lines (below).


More 'Angels' on high...