Hisakawa Aya


Hisakawa-san is another ubiquitous voice artist who is very busy with music recordings and dubbing for anime; she also has a radio show in Japan. She did not dub for the animation in Dirty Pair Flash, but appears on the Stereo Dramas as Maya, the Angels' new 24-year-old chief at the WWWA. You can read more at Hitoshi Doi's page (which is now somewhat out of date), Ryuu's Seiyuu Info (which includes some of her more recent roles), and the Amiba Annex No. 1 (in Japanese), or visit her fan page, Forever with Hisakawa Aya. You can also find a brief biographical sketch and a voice sample for her at Aoni Productions. She is also Anime Personality of the Week for 26 June 2005 at A Fan's View.