The episode titles show katakana in italics, while romaji <Roman characters> given in the original Japanese are in boldface. The ratings are my own opinions, given in terms of quality of the stories -- 4 being the best and 1 being the weakest.

There is a separate section of commentary on the episodes, discussing things like cultural references, in-jokes, and fun facts; you can reach it by clicking on the appropriate episode number. CAUTION: it contains numerous spoilers.

The director of animation and character designer for all of the Flash series is Kimura Takahiro. Miyatake Kazutaka, a long-time veteran of Studio Nue, is the mecha designer, as he was for most of Classic DP. Takachiho Haruka, the creator of the Lovely Angels, wrote the dialogue for all of the episodes.


Dirty Pair Flash ('Mission 1')

series director: Sunaga Tsukasa; music: Wakakusa Kei

episode title director storyboard release date  rating

 1- Rannauei Enzeru <Runaway Angel>

Meet the Lovely Angels! In hot water at work and at each other's throats constantly, the recently teamed 17-year-olds find themselves suddenly thrown into a complex intrigue while separately out on the town. Relaying a mysterious data card to WWWA HQ turns into a frantic, destructive pursuit through Furool, with somebody's armed operatives -- and the police -- on their tails! Will the Angels survive? Will the city??

 Isono Satori  Sunaga Tsukasa  1 February 1994  2

 2- Daakusaido Enzeru <Darkside Angel>

An informant from the Galactic Communications Network who can shed some light on matters falls prey to a far more effective operative, before the stunned eyes of his bodyguards, the Lovely Angels. Their own careless pursuit of the assassin nearly leads to their own demise! But when the shadowy Lady Flair has the drop on Kei and Yuri (more than once!), why does she stay her hand?

 Sasaki Kazuhiro

 Tokimura Hisashi & Sunaga (script)

Ishiodori Hiroshi (storyboards)

 1 March  3

 3- Furoozen Enzeru <Frozen Angel>

Now having turned her humiliation by Flair into a personal vendetta, and not content with her employer's pace in handling an investigation into the assassin's connection to GCN, Kei resigns from the 3WA, intent on destroying her foe. Yuri in turn is now after her former partner, for the much graver crime of ruining her social life...


 Tokimura & Sunaga (script)

Nishimura Jyunji (storyboards)

 1 April  3
 4- Suriipingu Enzeru <Sleeping Angel>  Sasaki

 Tokimura & Sunaga (script)

Dokite Tsukasa (storyboards)

 25 April  3
 5- Sutorei Enzeru <Stray Angel>  Sasaki

 Tokimura & Sunaga (script)

Nishimura (storyboards)

 1 June  2
 6- Raburii Enzeru <Lovely Angel>  Sasaki

 Tokimura & Sunaga (script)

Sunaga (storyboards)

 1 July  4



Dirty Pair Flash 2 ('Mission 2' - the "Worlds' World" series)

episode title director storyboard release date rating

 7- Toukyou Horidee Network

<Tokyo Vacation Network>

     1 June 1995 4

 8- Seventeen Misuterii Gakuen

<Seventeen (year olds') Mystery School>

     1 July 3

 9- Yakemuri Romantic Tsuaa

<Steamy Romantic Tour>

     2 August 3

 10- Kirakira Jun Ai Flower Shop

<Glittering Flower Shop of Innocent Love>

     1 September 3

 11- Tokyo Tsuigeki Eapooto

<Pursuit to Tokyo Airport>

     1 October 3


Dirty Pair Flash 3 ('Mission 3' - the "Colors" series)

 episode title director storyboard release date rating

 12- Shirogane no Tsuigekisha [Cheisaa]

<Pursuer in Silver-white (Chaser)>

     21 December 1995 4

 13- Pinku no Sogekishu [Sunaipaa]

<Pink Sniper>

     1 February 1996 3

 14- Natsuiro no Shourisha [Uinaa]

<Victors in Summer Colors (Winners)>

     1 March 3

 15- Barairo no Bishounen [Maibooi]

<Lovely Boy in Rose (My Boy)>

     1 April 3

 16- Haiiro no Fukushuusha [Ribenjyaa]

<Ash-gray Avenger (Revenger)>

     25 April 4