Some of these images are of commercial models or sculptures taken from various Web sites, particularly Figure Models Land


a G-Port 1/6-scale kit from 1995, making the figures about 11 inches (28 cm.) tall; they are based on the character designs from Mission 1 and the kit was sculpted by Anta(?) Hiroshi; the two photos of both Lovely Angels are of the work of Tommy Ellis [the top pix are from the Summer 1995 Hobby Japan EX]


Unless this is a scratch-built model, I've lately come to feel that this figure of Yuri is just a variant assembly of the kit above, and not from a different unknown one



a 1/3-scale [about 21 inches (54 cm.) tall!] model, designed by a sculptor named Bome [boh-meh]; the figures are based on the later character design from Missions 2 and 3, which is less juvenile-looking than that of Mission 1 [click on pic to see other views of these figures]

Bome is of late involved with the artists' movement in Japan known as "Superflat" and has been making full-size (5 to 6 foot [1.5 to 1.8 meter] tall) anime-inspired figures; recently, he has worked with Murakami Takashi's Hiropon Factory in Tokyo; an exhibition of Superflat's work recently toured the U.S. -- you can read more about it in Giant Robot #21


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