The making of images is the sincerest form of fanatici-- er, devotion

I'll be putting up my DP-related drawings here, most of which will reveal my peculiar sense of humor. (OK, I confess: I'm a "gag" cartoonist at heart.) My choices are pretty ecumenical as well: I like all the versions, so that's what you'll get here. I'm also a sucker for "crossovers", so who knows what THAT could lead to...


It's entirely in keeping with the Classic DP tradition to put the Lovely Angels in scenes from various movies or to base episodes on themes from other kinds of television shows. (For that matter, DP Flash does the same thing with other anime.) My correspondence with another old fan (though not so old as I) led to some ideas for re-casting a couple of cult shows from the '60s [still in progress]

the light-hearted British action series, The Avengers, with Mr. John Steed, Esq. and Mrs. Emma Peel (and, yes, Avengers fans, I do know about Catherine Gale and Tara King...)

Here are the two pieces I managed to finish for Tea Time's Year 2000 DP Calendar. The first one, for February, came to me from finding a phrase in common between the lyrics in the opening songs for the Classic OAV series, "By Yourself", and for Flash Mission 2, "Suriru ni Koishite" -- so this is the "OAV Crossroads". The other illo, for April, seemed like a reasonable rejoinder.


I actually did all of four illos (usually late...) for the 2001 Calendar. The theme for the year was "movies": goodness knows whether anyone recognized some of my choices... [Here's some scenes from the 1990 "movies" Calendar that set this off.]



I like getting pictures from other people, too, so I'm giving them their own pages:

Robert Goforth, Psyber Raven, and David Buttram

Nou Nou Sipraseuth and Peter Milligan

Curt Peterson, Jacob Churosh, and Laura Watton

The MasterJinn