The Lovely Angels also had some impact on the world of videogaming.


Time Gal

Probably the most immediate response, making a clear reference to DP (note her uniform), was Taito's 1985 arcade and famicon game hit. Reika is a time-travelling enforcement officer from the year 4001, who must journey to numerous points in her past, from Stone Age prehistory to mere days before she left, to counteract the historical meddling of time-machine thief Luda and prevent his conquest of her era. The game is interactive in the manner of that other classic, Dragon's Lair, with the animation sequences produced by Toei. The game was re-released a number of times, for Playstation (1992), Sega Saturn (1993), and on Pioneer Laserdisc (1995). [Note: A search of YouTube will turn up a variety of video sequences from this game.]



Crystal (the bluehead) and Madison (the blonde) fight the mechanized forces of evil in Battlemania, released in 1991 in Japan and marketed in the U.S. as Trouble Shooter for Sega Genesis (with much less appealing cover art).


Bounty Arms

This game isn't just obscure -- it's vaporware! Bounty Arms, featuring the endeavors of Chris and Rei, was announced by DataWest for release in 1995 for PlayStation, but never actually materialized.

My thanks to Kid Fenris for reporting on these preceding two videogames.


Ishika and Honori

The Paranormal Defense Force protects Japan against poltergeists, demons and other things "most people don't want to believe in". Most of their operatives are priestesses who have the Power to contain or even defeeat these psychic and astral phenomena. Two of their agents-in-training are twin sisters Ishika and Honori, under the direction of their Dispatch Coordinator and senior agent, Araka. An unexpected confrontation of this team with the Serpent Demon Aragami led to the capture of their totem spirits, elementals which are the source of their powers, which The Player must help them recover through a number of interactive battles. Ishika is mastering spell-casting and magical theory (and keeping her sister in line), but is still a bit shy about using her power effectively. Honori has little problem with that; not as adept (or interested) in theory, she tends to rely on her considerable physical strength to battle demons hand-to-hand(!), with varying results. Their chief gets to supervise their training and use of their abilities, when he's not dealing with their disputes... The game was released on DVD by Hirameki in 2001 and appeared in English translation in 2004.


Daughters in the realm of comix

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