A chronology of the DP comix


Biohazards, Warren and Smith (Eclipse)

December 1988 - April 1989


Trade paperback (TPB) -- 1989 (Eclipse)

Dangerous Acquaintances, Warren and Smith (Eclipse)

June 1989 - March 1990


TPB -- 1991 (Eclipse)

A Plague of Angels, Warren and Smith
(Dark Horse)

August 1990 - November 1991


TPB -- July 1994 (Dark Horse)


serialized in Manga Mania #9 - 13

Sim Hell, Warren (Dark Horse)

May - August 1993


TPB -- December 1994 (Dark Horse)

[second edition, March 1996]


serialized in Manga Mania #25 - 28

"I Honestly Hate You", Warren

August 1994

eight-page short story for a special Dark Horse publication, San Diego ComicCon Comics #3


appeared in Manga Mania #21

Fatal: But Not Serious, Warren (Dark Horse)

July - November 1995


TPB -- August 1996 (Dark Horse)


serialized in Manga Mania #37 - 41

Dangerous Acquaintances

TPB reissue -- June 1997 (Dark Horse)

"Start the Violence", Warren (Dark Horse)

May - July 1998

24-page short story for Dark Horse Presents #132-134

[click on pic for covers]


Tenth Anniversary Dark Horse TPB reissue

September 1998


includes the short story, "I Honestly Hate You"

Start the Violence

Dark Horse colorized TPB reissue

29 September 1999

[click on pic to see covers]

includes a cover gallery of the original
Dark Horse Presents  issues

alternate cover art by Jason Pearson is shown
in the "How Do We Look?" section

Run From the Future, Warren (Dark Horse)

26 January - 26 April 2000

four-part series [click on pic to see Warren's cover artwork]

alternate cover art by Adam Hughes, Brian Stelfreeze,
Bruce Timm, and Humberto Ramos
[presented in the "How Do We Look?" section]

Sim Hell: Remastered

Dark Horse colorized reissue

2 May - 8 August 2001

four-part series [click on pic to see covers]

each issue includes eight pages of previously unpublished artwork by Warren; the final issue includes a new short story, "A Big 'Merci Beaucoup' "

Run from the Future

Dark Horse TPB reissue

27 March 2002

[click on pic to see cover art]

to include the short story, "Start the Violence"

Sim Hell: Remastered

Dark Horse TPB reissue

2 October 2002

[click on pic to see cover art]

to include a 20-page cover and bonus art gallery and a colorized version of "A Big 'Merci Beaucoup' "

? drafted new project -- Quick and Dirty, 48 pages; probably to be published in a form similar to Empowered -- 2007?


An interview with Adam Warren is currently available at the Dark Horse Comics site. Print interviews with Warren can be found in Anime UK #10 (1993); (the somewhat obscure) Manga Newswatch #5 (1993)*; Animerica, 2, #9 (1994) and 6, #5 (1998); Manga Max #6 (June 1999)**; Mangaphile #1 (August 1999), from Radio Comics; Mangazine #13 (July 2000), from Antarctic Press; and Pulp: The Manga Magazine, 5, #8 & 9 (August and September 2001)

*My thanks to David Crowe ("Jetman") for pointing me to this one

**...and to Mr. Wolfie for this one

Those of you interested in his technique should see the Mangazine issue mentioned above and the early numbers of the series How to Draw Manga, which began publication by Antarctic Press in December 2000

An interview with Toren Smith regarding Studio Proteus is linked in the essay. Print interviews can also be found in Amazing Heroes #181 (1990) and Anime UK #14 (1994).


Links (updated 1 March 2007)

Big News! The Wartist Himself opened a DeviantArt account on 6 February 2007, where he's posting various commission works and other unpublished material, along with his commentary

The principal place to follow the comix are at Dark Horse Comics ; Studio Proteus was bought by DH late in 2003

Guru EFX, the group that has provided the color and computer graphics effects for Warren's work for some years now, has a gallery of DP sample pages available

Want some more photos of The Man? He was Anime Convention Personality of the Week for 3 January 2000 at A Fan's View site; his appearance at the 2001 Fanime con is also documented at that site

Information about the stories or covers of the individual issues of the early series can be found at:

Duncan Law-Green's ("ryouko") site and at

Dennis Moul's site

Steven Ng, comix art collector extraordinaire, has a large (and ever-growing) number of Warren sketches and preliminary and finished artwork at his site, as well as notes from the Wartist's appearance at Fanime 2001

There's also a small gallery of his art at Catsuka.com

Serious But Not Fatal, i~ken's site, is running again and offers an assortment of images

Badgerboy has a partially-completed DP comix overview at his site

If you are a fan of Adam Warren's work, you should do yourself the favor of a visit to Mr. Wolfie's site in the U.K.; the AW portion of the site has a very thorough Bibliography, with pop-up cover illos available, and the 'Rare & Original' section has scans from Wolfie's collection of Warren's artwork originals; the rest of Wolfieland is worth seeing as well...

You may also wish to pay a visit to Simon Bayaidah's Comic Library, where comix material from many publishers can be found; the DP-relevant page is here


Photo Credits

The panels from one of Warren's early, unpublished stories are from photocopies which became available through an estate sale auction and are part of my own collection

Convention photo of Warren and Smith, black-and-white and color character designs from 1997, and cover art for the new colorized Sim Hell are originally from the Dark Horse Comics and Studio Proteus sites

1995 trial character design is from the hard-to-obtain Biohazards Sketchbook; thanks to Dr. Blasphemy for a copy of this image

The little animated .gif for Run From the Future is from the Dark Horse Comics site

All other images are from my own collection

1988 - 90 character design example is from Biohazards

1990 - 96 character design example is from Fatal: But Not Serious


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