The titles of the Classic DP episodes follow the style used by Takachiho in his novels. Kei narrates all of those stories, so the chapters usually have titles like "It ain't so bad when you jump right in!" or "I'm a teacher. Got somethin' to say about it?" The words in italics represent katakana, while words in boldface were given as romaji <Roman characters> in the original. The translations are my own; portions that I'm doubtful of are in purple.

The episode ratings are my own opinions, ranking them in terms of quality of the stories -- 4 being the best and 1 being the weakest

There is a separate section of commentary on the episodes, discussing things like cultural references, in-jokes, and fun facts; you can jump to it by clicking on the appropriate episode number. The material is not intended as plot synopses. CAUTION: it does contain numerous spoilers.



Broadcast Television episodes

episode title director storyboard broadcast date rating

 1 - Konpyuuta no koroshi kata oshiemasu

<We'll show you the way to kill a computer!>

Meet the Lovely Angels! B.R.I.A.N., the central systems computer for Elenore City, goes on a destructive rampage and is defeating all efforts to bring it back under control. Kei and Yuri, in order to save lives and their home, battle the rogue computer to resolve the situation -- in their own unique way...

 Ito Wasuke  Dokite Tsukasa 15 July 1985 3

 2 - Kawaii tenshi wa munage ga osuki?

<Do lovely angels like chest hair?>

After that first adventure leaves Damocles Tower with a permanent jaunty tilt, the Angels are assigned a senior TC, Nova Grave, to supervise them on a mission to end acts of corporate warfare against a luxury starship line by a rival company. Will Yuri and Kei redeem themselves this time?

 Hoshiyama Hiroyuki  Tomizawa Yuuzou 22 July 3

 3 - Katte ni bokera na! Koi wa roshian ruuretto

<Don't be fooled! Love is Russian Roulette>

Caberera Carpentiel King, a wealthy syndicate boss, has acquired (not legitimately) the Golem Chip, a casino chip reputed to bring enormous power and fortune to its owner, and has surrounded it with a seemingly impenetrable security system. The Angels are dispatched to retrieve it for the museum to which the Chip belongs. But who is the mysterious Sidney, King's aide, who is suddenly assisting them?

 Ito  Tsuruyama Osamu  29 July 3

 4 - Tsuiseki wa chiizukeeki to shi no nioi

<Chasing the scent of cheesecake and death>

A biotech research laboratory has tested an experimental super-strengthening agent on Guillaume de Malatesta XIII, a fluffy pink cat with a sweet tooth for cheesecake. But now their lab cat has escaped! Can K & Y make it through staking out pastry shops (yum!), acting as homewreckers to a pair of newlyweds and disrupting operations at a "hair bank", and beat a host of adversaries to Malatesta before the drug kicks in?

 Inoue Toshishige  Oonuki Ken'ichi  5 August 2

 5 - Kuriadosu no dokkun! dokkun!

<Heartbeat of Criados>

While on a break between missions, the Angels are travelling in a rented ship (with Kei on her way to a hot date), when they are confronted by a gigantic vessel threatening them with death. Even after reaching a nearby planet, they are individually attacked by robotic weapons that seem to be herding them somewhere. Can the mad scientist Criados, whom they thwarted two years ago, be striking back -- from beyond the grave?

 Shimada Mitsuru  Dokite 12 August 3

 6 - Kiken ga ippai, damii ga ippai

<Full of danger, full of decoys>

A top-secret "power prism" must be delivered to a distant research facility; the item would be quite a prize for marauding space pirates. To confuse the brigands, the Angels are among twenty teams serving as couriers, but only one ship is carrying the real Prism. Could the Lovely Angel be that ship? And why does Kei's childhood friend have to turn up now?!

 Tsukamoto Yuumiko  Sakuma Nobukei 19 August 3

 7 - Ai koso subete, inochi kakemasu touhi i(ku)!

<Love is everything -- bet your life on flight!>

Clicky Goldjeff, heir to a highly successful interstellar luxury travel firm, has been abducted from his own wedding by his true love, Joanca! The Angels have been hired by his father to retrieve him and pay his kidnapper two million credits. But what does the elder Goldjeff know that he wants buried and is willing to stand in the way of Love?

 Inoue  Oonuki  26 August 1

 8 - Yarukkyanii! Koi wa onna no kibakuzai

<Can't take any more! Love is a woman's primer>

Suddenly one morning, the Angels receive a message at their apartment from Billy Galet, a childhood friend of Yuri's from twelve years earlier, who made a promise to build a spaceship, the Lucia, and return for her. Now they discover that he's grown to become an engineer, but is being held captive on Poisonville to aid sinister parties. Can the Pair rescue him, when no one has commissioned the 3WA to do so? Where there's a will...

 Ookawa Toshimichi  Dokite  2 September 4

 9 - Uchira o katte! Youjimbou ni wa bijin ga o u(ru)

<Hire us! You'll do better with beautiful bodyguards>

United Galactica's major source of a new fuel source, Newstone, has been disrupted by a feud between the two competing syndicates on planet Plastone. The Lovely Angels go undercover on this "Wild West" world to infiltrate each organization, hopefully to end the war. But the politics on Plastone aren't the only thing that's unstable...

 Hirano Yasunori  Tsuruyama 16 September 2

 10 - Eee? Uchira ga kyouaku yuukaiban?

<Hunnh? We're the brutal kidnappers?>

The sudden death of King Louis VII of planet Caspia places the twelve-year-old Prince Heace on the throne. But one of his relatives has other plans. The Angels must clandestinely retrieve him from University (yeah, he's a smart kid!) and get him safely home, protecting him from would-be assassins. Now who's the wise guy who reported to the authorities that they were abducting the Prince?!

 Konparu Satoko  Tsuji Hatsuju  23 September 2

 11 - Ho ho ho, doresu to otoko wa onyuu ni kagiru

<Ho-ho-ho, dress and man bosom restrict,confine>

On their first vacation in months and without dates, the Pair receive an invitation to a party from a Mr. G.A. Francis -- who in heck is that? He looks young and reasonably handsome and the party could be fun... But Yuri simply must have a new dress for the occasion, so they make a detour on the way so she can shop. Oh, there's plenty of time to get to the party: what could go wrong?

 Shimada  Tsuruyama  30 September  3

 12 - Chisai na dokusaisha! Sawarame kimitsu ni tatarinashi

<Little dictator! xxx>

Algernon, a secret experiment in the 3WA's Research and Development section, has gone missing. Ms. Fangoria, Chief of R&D, asks specifically for the Lovely Angels to find it and get it back. It's in Headquarters somewhere, but why won't the "old lady" tell them anything about what Algernon is?

 Hirano  Dokite  7 October  2

 13 - Nani yo kore! Tama no ohada ga doron doron

<What's this?! ? skin is filthy, slimy?>

 Ito  Tomizawa  14 October  3

 14 - Kinko ka senkyo ka? Ensetsukai wa satsujin bi yori

<Vault? Election? xxx>

 Hirano  Tomizawa  21 October  2

 15 - Koko hore nyan nyan kahou wa seigo ni yatte kuru

<Dig here -- nyah, nyah treasure? will come at the end>


 Tsuji &

Satou Yuuzou

 28 October  3

 16 - Makase nasai! WWWA wa suteki na oshigoto

<Leave it to us! Working for the 3WA is great!>

 Konparu  Oonuki  4 November  2

 17 - Dete koi dete koi! Ansatsusha

<Come out, come out, assassin!>

 Shimada Tsuji  11 November  3
 18 - Gomen osobase hashiru meiwaku kyoukou tsu(ki)-yabu(ru)  Ookawa  Shimoda Masami  18 November  2
 19 - Koi no urami to sakaurami harasazu ai sasete  Inoue

 Tsuji &

Matsubara Tokuhiro

 25 November  1

 20 - Tsuioku no Buruusu wa koroshi no BGM

<Blues' memories are the background music for murder>

 Terada Kenshi  Oonuki  2 December  3

 21 - Ussooo! Kieta 463-nin (part 1 of 2)

<No way! 463 people vanished?!>

 Ookawa  Tsuruyama  9 December  3

 22 - Yatta ne! Dete kita 463-nin (part 2 of 2)

<Hooray! 463 people reappeared!>

 Ookawa  Sakuma  16 December  3

 23 - Fuan da wa...!? Uchira no karei naru houfuku

<What, us worry? Our revenge will be an elegant one>

 Shimada  Dokite  23 December  4

 24 - Kanari maji? Manshon wa kiken no adoresu

<Is this for real? The apartment house is the address of danger>

 Inoue Matsubara & Satou  26 December  2



From Lovely Angels with Love

episode title director writer(s) release date rating

 25 - Hiee! Youkan no bouya wa taamineetaa

<Yikes! The young master of the manor is a Terminator>

 Hoshiyama  Hatori ?  1 January 1987  4

 26 - Ho, honki!? Bijou ni kyanon wa dasshustsu no kiiwaado

<R-really!? 'Cannon' is the keyword for the beauties' escape>

 Ookawa  Dokite  1 January 1987  5


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