Megahouse in Japan released a "Dirty Pair Chronicle trading figures" series on 25 May 2002. This presents the Lovely Angels as they have been represented in their three Japanese designs: for the novels by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu, for the Classic anime by Dokite Tsukasa, and for the Flash anime by Kimura Takahiro.


from a magazine announcement



Each figure comes in an opaque packet for 500 yen; like trading cards, you don't know which one you've gotten until you open the box; above are views of all sides of the box.


Inside the box, you'll find a plastic pouch containing about ten to sixteen parts in three small acetate bags (inset at left - I'm showing Classic Kei here, since I wound up with four of her); when you take them all out, you find that the parts can be easily slipped together by pegs and holes

"(giggle) I've always said Kei needs to get her head together." "Urusai wa ne!!"


And then they look like this...