A great many figurines have been manufactured by Japanese model companies as kits for assembly. When some of these went "out of print", model enthusiasts would make their own copies of them in hard resin, often in their apartments or garages: hence the term "garage kits". Some of the images presented here were taken from various places on the Web, particularly Figure Models Land


picture posted from a recent anime convention

various views of a Kotobukiya original 1/6-scale kit -- making the figures about 11-1/2 inches (29 cm.) tall -- and the boxes for the models



The figures and box from a 1/4-scale set [about 16-1/2 inches (42 cm.) tall, if they were standing up] from Fukaya, designed by Kitakyushiyu Piero; the illustrations on the box are by Dokite Tsukasa, character designer for the Classic anime; the box images came from an eBay auction announcement

here is a Korean recast of this kit at the same scale, from Seminar


Say, there's more of these -- have a look!