Classic DP Anime Shitajiki

Pencil boards are thin, rigid plastic boards, typically from 7 x 10 to 9 x 12 inches, providing a firm surface for writing; in Japan, shitajiki featuring anime characters are quite popular. Here are some from the late 1980s featuring the Lovely Angels, from Seika Note. [Some of these images, including one of a very rare Japanese TV channel promotion, are courtesy of David Buttram; all the rest come from recent eBay and Yahoo!Japan auction announcements. I've included the designations of the shitajiki where they are known.]

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The exact text which appears on the pencil board below is:

At 19, Yuri and Kei, two very able investigators belonging to the WWWA (World Welfare Work Association), are at the zenith of their youth. Day after day, they busy themselves at solving serious crimes, the likes of which have spreaded throughout the universe. To arrest culprits, they don't mind destroying spaceships and, sometimes, planets even. They don't give a damn if by doing so they may inconvenience other people. Wherever they go, the charm bomb explodes and the sexy chase sparkles. Smart and quick to respond, only mentioning their names enough to silence a crying child, the most powerful tag [team] in space, they are the "Dirty Pair".

The portion in red is used on many of the other shitajiki as well.

front and rear views [A]


front and rear views [B]

front and rear views [C]


front and rear views [D] (I love the connect-the-dots Mughi on the back...)

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