The new Classic DP pachinko game


Fuji Communications, which manufactures pachinko <"Japanese pinball"> games, among many other things, released a machine in February 2002 with a Classic DP theme; shown here is the complete device and a close-up of the LCD display at the center (making this what is called a 'CR-pachinko machine'); you can get a look at the design variations, some still pictures from the video display, and even watch .MPG files of some of the play sequences at Fuji Comm.'s "showroom" page (the little round fellow in the cape is the company mascot, Fujimaru-kun) [thanks to Dan Hollis for bringing this site to my attention...]

Dokite Tsukasa, animation director and character designer for Classic DP, produced the new art work for this game, and its associated prizes and promotional materials; you can visit his own Website to see a bunch of his illos and the attendant fooferah and tchochkes (including giant banners, standing display figures, posters, stickers, a nail-care kit, a necktie... ["More! MORE! I'm still not satisfied..."]) -- just follow his links [...and thanks to José "Metalformer" Rivera for this one]


Since you can see all this elsewhere, I'll just give a selection here


these posters are 29 x 40 inches [73 x 102 cm.]


Here is the promotional brochure for the game and a copy of the videocassette explaining to the uninitiated who the DP are and how the game works


Score high in the DP pachinko game and you could win this swell grooming kit



What's that? Can't hop a plane to Japan to go try the game out? Don't despair! Playstation issued a 'home version', with software by Sunsoft, on 7 February 2002; this is number 9 in their Hissatsu Pachinko Station Now series