Classic DP Anime oddments


not an album, but the ROM disc for the Daatipea Famicom <family computer> game, released in 1987 by Bandai [click on pic]; the "cheat book" for the game can be found here


Yes, Kei and Yuri are two real standup individuals -- in this case, about 12" (30 cm.) tall


a set of four laminated cards [image from the Studio Jipangu site]


a packet of idol cards


two sets of the recently available (in Japan) trading card (toreka) packets, featuring cel art from the broadcast series or other illustrations; there are 108 cards in all, including 18 from DP Flash [you can see a complete gallery of these cards at Dokite Tsukasa's site, Studio Jipangu]


a six-page set of 5 x 7 inch (13 x 18 cm.) sheets of stickers, featuring assorted illustrations of the Dirty Pair and Nausicaa: a "present" included with the June 1986 Animage [click on pic to see the four pages of DP stickers]


...and another set of little stickers


Have your own personal bubblegum crisis with this dangerous candy from Lotte -- also comes in seven other anime flavors...


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