Classic DP Telephone Cards


Telephone cards (tereka) bearing the images of anime characters are common in Japan, so here are some featuring the Lovely Angels



When you get an anime phone card, we don't just hand ya a piece o' plastic in a little bag -- you get a presentation folder, sometimes with extra goodies as well. Hey, we treat'cha GOOD! [most folder images are thanks to Wim von Wollenhoven]



the illustration for this card is also used on a poster and a pencil board (shitajiki)


these four were offered in conjunction with the release of the Daatipea movie ("Project E.D.E.N.") in March 1987

[images are from the Daatipea program book and a Yahoo!Japan auction announcement]


Here's two of them, along with a couple of passes to the movie...


More phone cards!? Bring 'em on!

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