Classic Dirty Pair writing implements



Hey, waitaminnit! Yer gonna need somethin' ta write wit', aintcha? [from the Studio Jipangu site and Yahoo!Japan]



If you don't like going to the wall sharpener, you can use these "sharp pencils", which come with a sharpener right in the barrel!



Whazzatchasay?! You use mechanical pencils? And here's a box of leads for them...



...or, if you don't like pencils, here's a couple sets of fine-point marker pens



...or use this handy kit, containing (top to bottom) a ballpoint pen, blue and red micro-fine fiber-tip pens, a yellow chisel-point marker, and a mechanical pencil


most of these images are from Yahoo!Japan auction announcements, with a couple of items from my own collection


Say, if you're gonna write stuff, you'll need...

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