Classic DP notebooks


These perfect-bound notebooks typically have dimensions of 7 x 10 inches (18 x 25 cm.) and contain 24 leaves (48 pages); the catalog designations are given in brackets if I know them


Here's one which includes pix of Yuri and Kei on 24 of its 48 pages


...or you can use this one: it has 50 pages, featuring a monochrome pic on every page; produced by Movic in 1988


Oh, it can't hurt to have one more notebook...


[the images above are from eBay or Yahoo!Japan auction announcements]



Heck, take this one, too, just to be safe... (I really like these portraits a lot); also shown are the page headers [1287]


Here's another good one, this time with "super-deformed" characters on the front cover and the corners of the left- and right-hand pages; also shown is the header for every page [1286]


Yeah, we got more o' dis stuff for ya...

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