Miscellaneous Classic Dirty Pair posters



a poster from VAP; 20 x 28 in. (51 x 71 cm.)



20 x 28 inches (51 x 71 cm.)







poster included in the March 1988 Animedia; Leina: Wolf Sword Legend is on the reverse; 20 x 30 inches [51 x 76 cm.]



poster included in the October 1985 Animedia; Fandora is on the reverse; 14 x 20-1/2 inches [36 x 52 cm.]



a fold-out insert from the November 1986 issue of The Anime; 11-1/2 x 16 in. (29 x 41 cm.)


This has to be about the largest anime "wall scroll" I've ever seen -- it's four feet (about 120 cm.) square!



two chirashi for the 1994 release of the nine-laserdisc set, Daatipea no Daikessan



promotional poster from Streamline Pictures



most of these images are from Yahoo!Japan or eBay auction announcements


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