Classic Dirty Pair posters for the OVA series and "Flight 005 Conspiracy"


wall scroll ("video tapestry") for the OVA series; 20-1/2 x 33 in. (52 x 84 cm.)



The Lovely Angels say: Surf Karosu! A promotional poster for the release of the first volume of the OAV series (1987-88)



20 x 28 inches (51 x 71 cm.) two-sided poster from the November 1987 Animedia; other side features Mobile Suit Gundam



on the bridge of the Lovely Angel: Hey, who's flyin' this thing?! (Who else?); from the May 1988 Animedia; 20 x 14 inches (51 x 36 cm.)



promotional handbill for the release of Flight 005 Conspiracy [graft of two images]



a poster promoting the release of the soundtrack album for Flight 005 Conspiracy [graft of two images]


a set of prints from Movic (1988), with a closer look at a few of them; each is 14 x 20 inches (36 x 51 cm.)


images are from eBay or Yahoo!Japan auction announcements


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