Classic DP "Project E.D.E.N." posters


a chirashi <handbill> promoting the Daatipea feature film; on the reverse is a promotion for the other movie on the double bill, Bat and Terry, an animated feature about two baseball players



Angels with Zadinga



poster issued around the time of the release of Daatipea; Bat and Terry appear on the reverse; 20 x 28 inches (51 x 71 cm.)



mini-poster insert from the Animedia Daatipea Film Story Digest; Yuri is saying "Directed by Yuri and Kei" in kana; 10 x 14 in. (25 x 36 cm.)



mini-poster included in the October 1986 Animage, as an advance promotion for the feature; bordered with numerous character sketches; 10-1/4 x 16 inches (26 x 41 cm.)



small poster for the March 1987 issue of Animage


most of these images are from eBay or Yahoo! Japan auction announcements


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