Classic DP TV Posters



a poster from the July 1985 Animage, promoting the opening of the broadcast series; 20 x 14 inches [51 x 36 cm.]



a poster from Nihon Terebi; 9-1/2 x 20 inches [24 x 51 cm.]



"Roadshow" poster, filled with scenes from early episodes of the TV series, from the August 1985 Animedia; a poster for Vifam is on the reverse; 20 x 14 inches [51 x 36 cm.]





poster included in the May 1985 My Anime; Zeta Gundam is on the front, along with a calendar for May; 14 x 20-1/2 inches [36 x 52 cm.]







centerfold poster from the Review Book, included in the September 1985 Animage


the second image is from the Studio Jipangu site; most of the rest are from Yahoo!Japan auction announcements


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