Classic DP Anime Books


an advance press-kit pamphlet from February 1985 for the upcoming TV series [image from Studio Jipangu]


shinario <scenarios or scripts> for the 24 broadcast episodes


a small book of art from the TV series, included in the September 1985 My Anime; contains model sheets for the characters, mecha, backgrounds, and so forth, from the first eight episodes; 6 x 8-1/2 inches (15 x 21 cm.), 36 pages, black and white on newsprint


Dirty Pair Story Book: an introduction to the broadcast TV anime series, particularly for viewers who might not have already been familiar with the Lovely Angels from the 1979-80 print stories; includes reproductions of cel images and descriptions of the characters and story premise, four-page "film digests" for each of episodes 1-5, 7 and 10, numerous model sheets of the Pair, Mughi, Nanmo, and the "Lovely Angel", and the opening and ending title sequences on the inside covers; published 23 September 1985 [Comic Bon-Bon Special #6]; 8-1/4 x 10-1/4 inches (21 x 26 cm.), 68 pages, 52 in color; ISBN4-06-102306-3 [click on pic to see some interior pages]


Dirty Pair Review Book: a booklet promoting the broadcast TV series, containing numerous cel images in a four-page presentation of the opening title sequence (along with the lyrics for the "TV size" version of Ru-Ru-Ru Russian Roulette), a twelve-page story digest of the first episode with added descriptions and images, assorted additional images from the early episodes, a centerspread mini-poster, and a small sheet of stickers; staple-bound with a mock-canvas heavy stock cover; published as a supplement to the September 1985 Animage; 8-1/4 x 10 inches (21 x 25 cm.), 32 pages, including covers, in full color


Dirty Pair Preview Book: 34 black-and-white pages, printed on newsprint, with material from model sheets and remarks on several of the TV episodes between #9 and #21; the rear portion of the color card-stock cover (right), with certain strategic cuts and pasting to another piece of stock, becomes a photo stand (so Yuri and Kei can hold up your most prized picture); published with the October 1985 Animedia; 7-1/4 x 10 inches (18 x 25 cm.)


Dirty Pair Utilize Book: contains eight glossy pages of videocassette labels with images from the TV episodes; back cover can be cut to make two postcards; inside front cover provides listing of first 20 episodes; included in the November 1985 The Anime; 7 x 8-1/4 inches (18 x 21 cm.) [click on cover to view the image contents; I didn't figure anyone wanted to see label backs...]


Sexy Two: The Art of Dirty Pair (vol. 1) and More Sexy Two (vol. 2): excellent reproductions of cel images from the TV episodes (about 110 in each volume), printed on heavy coated stock; each book is divided into three sections featuring Yuri solo, Kei solo, and the Pair together; many of the images form sequences from the animation; an index in each volume describes which episodes the cels were taken from; the Standard Edition is a paperback with heavy cover and jacket; published in February and March of 1986; 8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm.), 96 pages


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