These figures in vinyl, produced by Bandai in 1985, are probably the ones best known to fans outside of eastern Asia. They are about 10-1/2 inches (27 cm.) tall, making them slightly less than 1/6-scale.


This self-description printed on the rear panel of the box is a translation from the first print story, Great Adventures of the Dirty Pair (Kei is the narrator) [see also "How Do We Look?"]


Yuri's self-description printed on the rear panel of the box is based on a translation of Kei's narration in the first Dirty Pair story


This picture of the figures on their stands is taken from an eBay auction announcement


[Note: while it does say on the boxes that their outfits are removable, spare yourself the unhappiness of some people who have had these figures up for auction and resist the urge to try this out, as the vinyl clasps tear easily...]



Here are the Lovely Angels being introduced at a fair during 24-26 May of 1985, as part of the Bandai "Pretty Figure Series", which originally was to have included characters from quite a number of series, such as Zeta Gundam, Long Goodbye, Touch, and Megazone 23 [photo from the August 1985 Animec].


You ever wonder whether there were other "Lovely Gals"? Why, yes, there were Creamy Mami and Morisawa You, both from Creamy Mami...


...and number 5 was Asamiya Saki of Sukeban Deka (who reminds you that the yo-yo was originally a weapon!).


[The first of these "Lovely Gals" pix came from a Yahoo! Japan auction annoucement;

the last two came from Bobagirl's Attack of the Anime Toys.]