a 1993 illustration for Manga Mania #9 by Steve Kyte (art director for Anime UK)


Kev Walker's version of Warren's cover for part 1 of Sim Hell; done for issue 25 of Manga Mania (1995), which carried the full comic in issues 25 - 28


Jason Pearson's alternative cover for the 1999 colorized compilation of "Start the Violence" (from the Dark Horse site)


Adam Hughes' alternative cover for the first part of Run From the Future (January 2000), for which he won the Best Comics Cover Award in 2000

This ad appeared early in 2003 for a Minneapolis club; ya think someone liked Hughes' illo?


Humberto Ramos' alternative cover for the fourth and final part of Run From the Future (April 2000);

originally intended as the alternative cover for the Start the Violence TPB [from the Dark Horse site]


Ryan Kinnaird's take on the Angels in civvies (from the "bonus art" section of Sim Hell - Remastered #2)


Bruce Timm's back cover art for Sim Hell- Remastered #4


And here's some more...