a 1/6-scale [11 inches (28 cm.) tall] kit from G-Port [photo of figures from the Summer 1995 Hobby Japan EX]; I have also located the Kimura Takahiro drawing upon which the models are based [from the January 1994 Anime V]


This appears to be a different garage kit using a variation of the poses in the G-Port kit; I have no other information presently


While that mystery isn't entirely solved, in the meantime we have this new 1/8-scale figure of Yuri from Max Factory, based on the G-Port kit above and released at Wonder Festival and JAF-CON 10 in the summer of 2001


I wish to thank David Buttram for providing additional details on some of these figures and for the images of the boxes; you can visit his site to see photos of his own copies of some of these models


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