This seems to have been one of Marvel's second-string titles. In issues 18 and 19 from the beginning of 1990, Excalibur was running a story-arc called "The Cross-Time Caper", in which a dimension-leaping version of Captain Britain's older sibling, Jamie Braddock, wreaks havoc. In one of the parallel worlds, the superheroes in pursuit of him cross paths with Rico and Kay, the "Dirty Angels". Chris Claremont was the writer, Dennis Jensen the penciller on #18 (first three panels above), Rick Leonardi on #19 (bottom panel). {And you'd hardly believe how I stumbled across this one...]



Double Impact


Double Impact was a creation of Cuban-American artist Ricky Carralero, begun as a comic series in 1994. "China" (Sandra Vasquez, often wearing a red headband) and "Jazz" (Elizabeth Rodriguez) are code-named mercernaries in the present-day world, working for the agency Inside Central Intelligence. Published through High Impact Comics, the book ran until about 1997, then was revived in '99 as a story set in 2069 with genetically-engineered clones of the original team.


covers from issue 2 (May 1995), and second series issues 1 (February? 1996) and 5 (June 1996)

[first two images from the Atomic Avenue store site]


A set of action figures was also marketed by High Impact during that time.


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