(left) cover for the trade paperback edition

(right:) the Lovely Angels meet the Crushers (Dan is in the background): cover for the current edition


(left) the Lovely Angels meet and greet on arrival at the spaceport; (right) Crusher Dan has a story to tell...


an illustration appearing in the novel just before the one at above right


frontispiece for the 1987 trade paperback printing


an additional illustration continuing a sequence in the same part of the story; from a CD collection of Yasuhiko's artwork

[thanks to Will Meugniot for the previous two images]


(left) perambulations in an armored transport: Kei and Talos; (right) Bard, Kei, and Dan in their element



from "And Then Nobody Played", a short story that introduced Takachiho's other Tro-Con, Li Sui-Ryu ("Dragon Lee"), and was adapted for animation as Classic DP OVA episode 5 (that's Casino Shangri-la and its mass-driver in the background)


(left) from model sheets for Classic OVA episode 5 [from the February 1988 Animedia]

(right) these fashion designs were carried over (with modifications) into the Flash era: in the stereo drama, Tenshi no Kyuusoku, for Kei and a fusion with seiraafuku for Yuri in the first DPF episode


[Note: Li went on to have his own series of novels after Takachiho had ended his work on Crusher Joe]

[Fun Fact: Bruce ("The Dragon") Lee, who provided some of the inspiration for Takachiho's character, and Kei (except in DPF) share the same birthday, 27 November]