cover art for a series of five doujinshi, Imasara Dirty Pair <Dirty Pair Right Now>; these three date from December 1997, August 1999, and August 1998 ; the artist is Manabe Johji (Studio Katsudon), who gave us Outlanders, Caravan Kidd, Drakkun, etc.


here are two doujinshi from 2001, a third from August 2002, and a fourth from August 2003, with covers by Pico


from a playing card set designed in 2000 by the Rocket Bros. circle in Japan


the Classic TV version, as rendered by Hideto Ami (Poison Arts), for the doujinshi, Un Fleur Fascinante (2001); he also drew two others based on the EDEN/OVA and the comix versions


The back cover of Animenominous! #1 (1990), featuring art work by Steve Rittler; this is interesting for depicting a number of characters who were inspired by the Lovely Angels, including one created by Manabe Johji (see above), who admits to being a huge DP fan (it is no accident that the names of some of his heroines begin with the letter 'K').


the "Bond, James Bond" look in cover art by Wil Overton for Anime UK #2 (1992),

made available as an oversized postcard in Anime UK #4


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