a postcard present included in the 12th Anniversary (July 1990) issue of Animage magazine; the artist is Dokite Tsukasa, who signs in hiragana


When a new version of DP <Shin Daatipea> was first being considered in 1993, Dokite submitted this version of his character designs for consideration [from his doujinshi, Relics: Memories of Dirty Pair (1996)]


a postcard included in Dokite's Relics, as he drew them in 1996


the cover of his doujinshi from 2000


The "original" Lovely Angels make an appearance in the first Dirty Pair Flash series (I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it by explaining why they are there); here's Kimura Takahiro's rendition [from the July 1994 issue of Anime V]


Adam Warren really did start out drawing the Lovely Angels as Classic fans know them, but was legally obligated to change his character designs; this image is from the header for the letters column in the first Dirty Pair series, to be known later as Biohazards (1988)


Work by other artists