The figures stand about 4-1/2 inches (11 cm.) high; the figure stands abut together as shown and are embossed with logos appropriate to each Pair


Here are some closer views of all three Pairs




Dokite Tsukasa did the new artwork for the set, as can be seen in the announcement poster on the previous page; Wim von Wollenhoven has more photos of the figures, both as unpainted prototypes and finished items from Dokite's site, Studio Jipangu [My thanks to Wim for pointing those pages (now gone) out to me. Images of the figures on this page are from eBay auction announcements and Studio Jipangu.]

Aso-san's Reverse Pentagram site (in Japan) presents a vast array of his figure work, including the articulated models he made by modifying the Chronicle Figures for Classic Yuri (second entry on the page) and the novels Pair


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