1/6-scale models produced by Kaiyodo; this is an early work of the sculptor Bome [boh-meh]

there is also a 1/6-scale Elfin recast of this same model, made in pink vinyl


a 1/8-scale [about 8-1/2 inches (21 cm.) tall] original kit from Fukaya, also designed by Kitakyushiyu Piero; I find it irresistible to refer to this set as "Disco Dirty Pair"; the Pair in the picture at top left was painted by John Weber; the models at top center and right were done by John Wilson; the Kei figure in the middle row appeared in a Yahoo!Japan auction

the back of the instruction sheets include a one-page manga



a kit, probably scratch-built, from 1985, as featured in that October's Hobby Japan; it also makes the rare inclusion of the TV-version of the "Lovely Angel" (someone oughta do one of Mughi sometime...); I also found an unpainted setup for auction



a 1/6-scale kit sculpted in 1995 by the group known as Kip [from the Summer 1995 Hobby Japan EX]


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